LG 25 Liters Microwave Oven (MWO2595) – Inverter


  • Smart Inverter
  • One Body Design
  • Full Glass Touch
  • Anti Bacteria Easy Clean™
  • LED
  • 6 Point Stable Ring


Introducing the LG NeoChef™ Microwave, a culinary powerhouse that goes beyond the ordinary to redefine your cooking experience. Packed with innovative features, this compact yet capacious appliance brings precision, speed, and versatility to your kitchen.


Smart Inverter Technology: LG’s Smart Inverter technology takes microwave cooking to new heights. Experience precise cooking power that redefines reheating and defrosting, making it faster and more efficient. With precise temperature control, you can now cook a variety of dishes that were previously beyond the reach of microwaves.

Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, accompanied by an additional 10 years warranty on the Inverter Magnetron of the Microwave Oven.

Even Heating: Savor every bite with even heating that ensures each dish reaches a uniform temperature. Delicate temperature controls create a more satisfying and tastier dining experience. Tested against conventional models, the NeoChefTM stands out in providing consistent heating.

Even Defrosting: Say goodbye to uneven defrosting. The NeoChefTM’s ability to adjust temperatures ensures that meat is defrosted evenly and thoroughly, delivering a perfect result every time.

Even Defrosting1

Fast Cooking: Reduce cooking time with up to 1200W of power at your disposal. Whether it’s milk, popcorn, or chicken, the NeoChefTM excels in fast cooking, making your kitchen routines more efficient.

Various Cooking Options: This versatile appliance is your all-in-one solution. Fry up foods, warm them, or even ferment homemade yogurt with just one appliance, simplifying your culinary endeavors.

Various Cooking1

Stable Working: Adaptability is key. The NeoChefTM adjusts to incoming power levels, ensuring reliable performance even in areas with low voltage or limited electricity.

Tasty Grilling: Experience evenly seared and crisped perfection without the hassle of a hot stove. The NeoChefTM brings tasty grilling to your fingertips.

Tasty Grilling1

99.99% Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™: Cleaning is a breeze with the Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ interior coating. A few wipes are all it takes to eliminate 99.99% of harmful bacteria, keeping your microwave hygienic and fresh.

LED Lamp: Illuminate your cooking space with the bright and energy-efficient LED lamp. Easily monitor your food’s status without opening the microwave, thanks to the three times brighter interior lighting.

Stable Ring: The innovative hexagonal ring stabilizes the turntable, preventing off-center items from tipping and spilling during cooking.

Stable Ring1

Compact Size, Bigger Capacity: The new generation of the NeoChefTM boasts a compact size but surprises with a significantly larger interior capacity. Perfect for small kitchens, it accommodates tall or wide dishes without compromising on cooking space.

Compact Size, Bigger Capacity1

Elevate your kitchen with the LG NeoChef™ Microwave – where innovation meets efficiency for a tasteful and convenient cooking journey.

SKU: LG11300 Category:


Type NeoChef Microwave Oven
Capacity 25 litres
Dimension (W x H x D) 476 x 272 x 368 mm
Color Silver
Design Type Divide Pocket
Door Design Smog
Category Solo
Electricity Power 240V/50HZ
Easy Clean Coating Yes (Antibacterial)
Eco-on Yes
i-Wave Yes
Turntable Size (mm) Φ292
Out case Black
Capacity (liters) 25
Output 1000 W
Microwave 1150 W
Out Case Color Black
Trim of Door / Keypad Black
Type Panel Touch
Display White LED
Open Type Side Swing
Clock Yes
Time Setting Yes
Child Lock Yes
Quick Start Yes
More/Less Yes
Tastesaver Yes
Reheat 8
Soften 3
Melt 3
Proof & Warm 2
Inverter Defrost 4
Popular Menu 8
Net 9.5
Packed 11.0
Interior 322 x 228 x 335
Exterior 476 x 272 x 360
Packed 540 x 294 x 417

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